Who doesn’t love a wedding? But, like most things, that are really important, the planning of a wedding can include a lot of stress. A favorite Uncle of mine once said, “you need to plan a wedding first, in order to know how to plan a wedding, right.” He was correct of course.

Most important things in life are achieved after much study, do-overs, and tweaking. Sports teams practice. Doctors, are interns. House builders have blueprints that are often revised by experts.

How odd it is, that your wedding, one of the most important days of your life, will be planned without practice, without an internship and without someone there to revise any blueprints.

This is why we are wedding planners. We get it right the first time because the first time is all you get.

Along with our different Planning Packages, we also offer wedding design elements for your big day. You see, we have come to realize that getting to know our couple, through the planning process puts us in a better position to bring their dream to life, as in flowers and additional design elements.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to use Rare Bird Events for one service and not the other. Because if available, we welcome that as well.

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Rare Bird Events - Full Wedding

The Beginning to End, Package

We walk with you through the entire planning process, Helping you sort through the choices and listening to your view of what your wedding day will look and feel like. Though we are there to take away the, “scary,” We are not there to make all the decisions, but to give as much guidance as you would like.

Full Wedding Package includes: But is not limited to…

  • Design planning,

  • Unlimited texts and emails

  • Up to 5 vendor meetings

  • Timelines…

  • This package includes the the Wedding Day Package.


Marilee and the Rare Bird Events team took our wedding dream and made it into a reality. Her extensive experience in the wedding industry was very apparent. Leading up to the wedding, she was very knowledgeable on every part of the planning, and if I was ever uncertain about what direction to go with some aspect of the event, she had no shortage of ideas to pick and choose from. On the big day, her and her team were there every step of the way to ensure that everything took off as planned. The decorations in both the church and reception hall were breathtaking, and I didn’t have to lift a finger. The flowers were also done by the Rare Bird Events Team. All I had to do was tell her the vision I had for the flowers, and she made it happen better than I could have ever envisioned. I can’t imagine the extra stress I would have experienced if I had, had to deal with all of these things on my own. I was also able to leave, worry free, for a honeymoon early the next morning because Rare Bird Events did the complete take down of both the church and reception hall, and even delivered it to my house the next day. Overall, Marilee and her team were so pleasant and enjoyable to deal with. All of this, along with their efficiency and attention to detail is what makes them a company I would recommend to all of my closest friends and family.

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Rare Bird Events - Partial Wedding Planning

The, “Oh No, Now What ,” Package

The Partial Planning Package begins approximately 6 months before the wedding. You’ve booked the vendors, bought the dress. have all of the attendants in order, but now your waking up in a cold sweat wondering what you have forgotten…don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Partial Wedding Planning Package includes: But is not limited to…

  • Two in person meetings

  • Unlimited texts and emails

  • Up to 4 vendor meetings

  • Timelines…

  • Contacting all vendor

  • This Package does not include The Wedding Day

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Rare Bird Events - Wedding Day,

The, “We’ve Got This,” Package

Your wedding day is like no-other and you want the memories to be good ones. This is why you need Rare Bird Events, to be there with you. We Know it’s tempting to have your family and friends running around, worrying about the details of the day. But the reality is, its a lot more fun when everyone you’ve invited gets to be a true guest and not an unpaid employee. We free up the helpers, so you all can dance the night away.