I'm Engaged, Now What?

“I’m engaged!” “This is so exciting!” “ I can’t wait to call every friend I’ve ever met, and maybe a few I haven’t!” “I can’t wait to put a picture of my amazing ring on Facebook.” “I can’t wait to start planning,” “this is so exciting.” “Woohoo!”

And just then it occurs to you, start planning? I have no idea where to begin.

So, here is a 10 point list to get you started.

  1. Start with the budget. Put two different numbers together. First, What are you hoping to spend, and next, what is the absolute maximum I can spend? It is very easy to go over the minimum, but that maximum number is meant to put on the breaks.

  2. Come up with an approximate number of invited guest. In most cases you will receive non-accepts, from 10% - 20% of the invited quest count, (this generally depends on distance and closeness in the relationship), still, you have to find a reception space big enough for the invited count.

  3. Choose a time of year, the time of year will have a lot to do with the decision of where the wedding and reception will take place.

  4. Look for a venue, Are you getting married in a church, the park, the same location as the reception? How about the reception? Out-of-doors, a barn, hotel ballroom, stand-alone industrial space? Start looking, they book up a year/year and a half in advance. Be prepared, they are going to want a down payment to hold your space.

  5. Start looking for vendors, and don’t forget to attend 1 or 2 bridal fairs.

  6. Look for the Wedding Dress, It can be a lengthy process to look for, decide on, and order the dress. Receiving the dress can take months and then there will be the alterations, so don’t put this off, or you may end up disappointed.

  7. You’ll want to choose your wedding party with enough time for them to be ready, financially, to be part of your day.

  8. Don’t forget your wedding website, it's a fun way to keep everyone up on what's going on with the planning.

  9. Before the bridal showers begin, be sure to sign up for a Wedding Registry or two. It's the best way to get what you want or need.

  10. Get those engagement photos taken, You’ll need them for the, "save the dates".

  11. And one more thing…don't forget to visit our blog, along the way, for helpful wedding tips.

DIY should be called WWIT, (What was I thinking).

Disclaimer: It is expected that because I do Wedding decorating, I would naturally discourage couples from DIY wedding projects. Please read with an open mind because there is a lot more to it than that.

Picture this, I am standing at a Bridal Fair. My tables are full of center-pieces and flowers, My backdrop, hand-painted doors, or perhaps hand-made giant paper flowers. I may have a hanging vintage chandelier. A chandelier I have fitted with beading and candle holders.

A bride walks up with her mother and sister, the Maid-of-honor. We begin a conversation about center-pieces, and back-drops and wedding planning in general. Referring to the items I offer, I often get the questions… how did you do that? How do you make the flowers sparkle like that. Where did you get those vases.

I have an original product, called a starlight table top. It sits on top of a 60 inch round table. It is a smooth table-top surface that lights up the top of the table. It is not uncommon for a Bridal Fair attendee, to ask if they can look under the table-cloth to see how it is, “made.”

It is common for a mother to, “whisper,” to a bride daughter…”I can do that,” Its not that I doubt her or their ability. What bothers me is the implication that , “I Can Do that,” is all it is about.

Before you decide on the DIY approach, ask yourself these questions.

  • Can we really do it? Do we know how to build, and assemble?

  • If we need help, can we get it?

  • Do we have the time to do it?

  • What’s it going to cost?

  • Are the materials readily available?

  • How are we getting it to where it has to go.

  • How much time will we have to set it up?

  • Who is taking care of displaying it?

  • Who is setting it up and taking it down?

  • Who is hauling it there and home?

  • Do I want to be worried about taking care of these things on the most important day of my life, my daughters life?

  • Will I be missing never to come again moments, if I take it upon myself to be the decorator? Will I miss the Rehearsal Dinner, Photos, simple mingling and shared smiles, will all of this be lost because of the responsibilities I have taken on?

Doing your own flowers?

  • When it comes to flowers…

  • How will I keep them looking fresh?

  • How do I keep then cool?

  • Do I have space to keep them in water?

  • How will I transport them?

  • Am I putting these together last minute? Am I doing this before the rehearsal, after the rehearsal. Will I be up all night.

  • Will I order too many flowers and loose money?

  • Will I not have ordered enough, for the dream that is mine or my childs.

So ask yourself, Can I Do it myself, the answer is possibly. Is it worth the stress, anxiety, and possible disappointment, probably not.

Use the holiday for bargain wedding shopping

When your doing your Christmas shopping don't forget to keep your eyes open for items you can use for your wedding. There are alot of candles, ribbons, and assorted bling at sale prices. No one will guess you bought these items at Christmas time and better yet for cheaper then if you had ordered these through a wedding supplier. Great for your 2018 wedding!

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I want the Perfect Dress.

Most brides start planning their wedding in this order.

#1) Perfect Guy

#2) Perfect Place

#3) Perfect dress.

I've known Brides to try on one dress and know immediately this is "the one."

I've know Brides to try on 20 dresses, only to come back to the first dress and now know this is,  "the one."

I've known Brides to try on 50 dresses and still think none of them are, "the one."

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Dogs and Weddings

This is our dog, "Pops," the one holding him is our daughter. Pops is the most adorable dog in the world he is a 9 year old senior rescue dog, part Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Pekinese or at least we think that's what he is. To add a little Pedigree we can just call him a Pomchipek...Sounds impressive right?

Pops wants nothing more in life but to be carried around like a baby, sung to, talked to given treats and generally treated like a human infant. And we love nothing more then to accommodate him.

Pops is generally well behaved, potty trained, and doesn't bite.



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